See Smell Taste

Spices are the heart of our kitchen.

So we go to great lengths to find the best. Our sole purpose is to offer only the highest-quality spices, herbs, and blends.

See Smell Taste is the result of two decades of discovery and meticulous research. We obsess over how each seed, pod, root, flower, leaf, and berry is handled and treated. We understand the planting, harvesting, and processing of our spices at their origins. And we work with growers who uphold our rigorous standards to ensure our spices are consistently outstanding.

Our signature spice blends are renowned for a reason. Blending is an art, and we have spent years creating the exactly right combination of spices — all in the pursuit of flavor. We believe you will see, smell, and taste the difference.

Only the finest quality sea salt strictly adhered to centuries-old Balinese salt farming tradition qualifies as Upethi™ Balinese Sea Salt. No shortcuts! 

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